This is the personal website of Chuck Jordan, who is a writer, programmer, and game designer living in Oakland, California, who used to look like this:

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This blog is an outlet for me to ramble about videogames, the media, and computers.

I am not the famous car designer.

Games I Have Worked On

And links to buy them if you’re so inclined which you should be.

  • Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Telltale Games
    Season Lead Designer

    • “The Penal Zone” writer, designer, co-director
    • “The City That Dares Not Sleep” writer, designer
  • Sam & Max: Season Two Telltale Games
    Lead Writer & co-designer
  • Sam & Max: Season One Telltale Games

    • “Abe Lincoln Must Die”
    • “Reality 2.0”
    • “Bright Side of the Moon”
  • Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Telltale Games
    Designer, co-writer:

    • “Strong Badia the Free”
    • “8-Bit is Enough”
  • The Curse of Monkey Island LucasArts
    Writer and script programmer
  • SimCity 4 Maxis/Electronic Arts
  • The Walking Dead Telltale Games
    Story consultant and co-writer, Episode 2 “Starved for Help”
  • Grim Fandango LucasArts
    Script programmer
  • The Sims 2 (consoles) Maxis/Electronic Arts
    Asst. designer
  • The Urbz Maxis/Electronic Arts
  • New Legends Infinite Machine


Want to contact me directly on the down-low, for some reason? Use this form and nobody else will have to know. Otherwise, use the comments form at the bottom of this page to publicly praise or berate me.

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, Chuck. I too attended UGA and had a comic strip published in The Red and Black. Mine was the poorly received stickman comic “Oz and Xack”. Anyway, I liked some of your strips back then and fondly remembered the Velma strip. Fast forward to last year and I’m randomly Google searching stuff and Spectre Collie pops into my head. I found the blog and now I see that you’ve put some of the old strips up. I was glad to see Velma, but it’s different than I recalled. I was pretty sure that the turn on section included “Dogs with speech impediments.” but that’s not what you have in the redrawn version. That line was the real clincher for me. Loved it.

    I hadn’t looked in on the blog in quite awhile but enjoy your comments on Lost, “Wind It Up” and other such subjects. I actually run comic stores in McDonough and Griffin, GA, so I enjoyed your Stonecrest adventure as well. Not much else to say except hello, and thanks for a few laughs then and now. Spectre Collie was way better than Luv Toad, by the way.

    Bill Phillips
    Bunjee’s Comics

  2. “Growing up in Egypt, he went to a secular madrassa, where he was taught terrorist activities such as reading and writing. (Moe would often then put a knife up to my neck and attempt to decapitate me, after which we’d just laugh and laugh. Good times.)”

    Yer Funny. If you want a couple of pix of you & me in Florida last Summer (I know what you did last Summer…), let me know!


  3. Hi Chuck,
    I don’t think I have a current e-mail address for you, so I figured this was the best way to reach you to say Merry Christmas! I hope you had a good year and that you’ll have a fantastic 2008.
    Be good!
    Pilar (formerly Diana, formerly Dianita)

  4. Hi Chuck! Just wanted to say I found your comics preeety funny. Not at all as awful as you promise! Hope you put up more sometime 🙂

  5. And btw, strangely, I too had an eye-twitch running rampant last week. Might have even started the same day. I’m trying to track down the cause. Did you perchance happen to lick a sardine the day before?

  6. Thanks, Amit. Every so often I look at stuff made by real artists online, and instead of getting intimidated like I should be, it makes me think I want to try to get better at drawing. Maybe I should start with the comics again, if I can come up with any ideas that aren’t appropriate for the day job.

    And I haven’t licked any sardines to the best of my knowledge. Unless that’s a euphemism for something else.

  7. I’m a big fan of the site – I came for your review of “Blink” a few years ago, and I’ve stayed ever since.

    I particularly like your two posts on piracy from March last year, which are two of my favourite posts on the topic. I was re-reading them today, and I think I spotted a small typo: in http://www.spectrecollie.com/archives/2012/03/now-how-much-would-you-pay, you write “ Ihantko” but I think you mean “Ihnatko”.

    Cheers for the great writing.

  8. Alex, thanks for the compliment & the catch. That’s just one of thousands of typos on this site, I’m sure, but it’s different when it’s someone’s name. I’ll fix it now. Thanks!

  9. Aww, Chuck, I popped in here hoping to see something new you were working on. The Sam and Max: Season One OST popped-up on shuffle and made me really nostalgic. Lots of love for all the joy you’ve given me over the years, starting from The Curse of Monkey Island (when I was eight) and through “Abe Lincoln Must Die!”, Puzzle Agent 2, The Devil’s Playhouse, and the various blog posts I’ve commented on over the years. Happy 2018!

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