Oh, the places you’ll go! Eventually!

For the first day of Comic-Con wonder and and excitement, I’ve been enjoying the sights and sounds of beautiful San… Francisco.

I got about three hours of sleep last night (one hour less than normal for the past few weeks), and hauled ass down to the airport at record speed. I got there with only about 1/3 of my face properly shaved but with plenty of time to make the flight. I checked in at one of their little automatic kiosks, and learned that my flight at 8:45 had been cancelled, but I could be confirmed on a flight for 9:20. No problem! I went through security, made my way down to the ass-end of the airport to the chosen gate, and was surprised to see no line, no mention of San Diego, or any sign at all that the flight was more than imaginary.

After about a 20-minute wait at the customer service desk, I got to speak to a human being, who started looking through standbys and alternate routes, all the time shaking her head and talking about how it didn’t look good. She told me I was still confirmed on the 9:20 flight, which surprised me, since it was already 9:05. She pointed out that that was 9:20 PM, not AM.

What sucks about that is that it completely defused all the righteous indignation I’d built up. I get so few opportunities to be genuinely entitled to be pissed about something, and I went and wasted it by confusing AM with PM. So when she told me that I was way far down on the standby list, and all the flights were booked solid, and they either wouldn’t or couldn’t give me an alternate route, and my only options were to wait in the airport for 12 hours or come back later tonight, and they couldn’t even reimburse my airport parking, I’d been completely beaten down. Those of us who don’t have planes are completely at the mercy of the people who do.

What really sucks is that this was supposed to be my ease-into-the-horrors-of-Comic-Con day, and I used up a vacation day to do it. Because I really didn’t want to be getting there late at night and having to deal with checking in and all that nonsense, then getting little sleep before getting slammed with a full day of sensory overload. Which is pretty much exactly what’s going to happen.

It also sucks that I missed the panel on episodic gaming with Hothead and TTG, and also Steve’s panel. And those are just the two things I know about without ever having looked at the official schedule.

Ah well, at least I got a nap out of it. Maybe someday I’ll be able to get out of San Francisco and get something resembling time off.

Also: Telltale announced the third game series today, and it’s Wallace & Gromit.