losinitcover.jpgAnybody who’s been reading this blog for a while knows two things:

  1. Every year or so, I try to redesign everything.
  2. It always ends up being a ridiculously laborious process and it always ends badly.

I guess there’s also 3. I need to get out more.

This most recent time, I decided I wanted to avoid squeezing my usual Impenetrable-Wall-of-Text posts into a tiny space, or at least keep from having people wandering in and being scared off by the avalanche of words. Plus I wanted the recent comments and the list of stuff I’ve been looking at around the web to be more accessible.

That led to the last “green & brown paper” version, which sucked for various reasons. This version sucks slightly less.

I’m sure there’s a lot still broken all over, and I haven’t even tried the thing on non-Safari browsers yet. Let me know via e-mail or comments to this post if something is hopelessly broken. And be aware that I’m planning to keep adding and fixing stuff, until I get frustrated with it all again.