Incisor is a lightweight application that lets you resize, crop, and add simple effects to pictures from various sources.

Update: This program is unlikely to see updates or bug fixes for some time. In the interim, check out ImageWell, which has more features and is also free.

Ceci n’est pas un Photoshop

There are billions and billions of image editing programs for the Mac, but none did exactly what I wanted: to be able to

  1. Drag a picture out of Safari, Firefox, NetNewsWire, or iPhoto
  2. Do some simple resizing or cropping of the picture
  3. Then drag it directly back out into a blog editing program, FTP client, or new mail message.

All without having to save a file to the desktop, or wait for Photoshop to load.


Resize photos by dragging, or by entering pixel dimensions in the text fields
Crop the photo, with the option to keep the original aspect ratio
Flip or rotate the photo, and add a simple drop shadow


Incisor is freeware. Requires OS X version 10.4 and higher.

I wrote Incisor to teach myself Cocoa programming. As a result:

  1. There will be bugs and missing features.
  2. I’ll handle bug fix requests where possible, but support is limited to my spare time.
  3. The source code is disorganized and almost certainly does a lot of things the most inefficient way, so there’s no point in making it open source.


Download Incisor v0.6

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