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    I welcome your feedback! Just not on here.

  • Hate and Nudity

    Fun with search terms.

  • Everyone’s entitled to my opinion

    Only the finest things are recommended by Spectre Collie.

  • Test commencing

    WordPress released their new free iPhone client today, and I’m trying it out with a photo of my desk. Initial observation: writing HTML on a cell phone is not fun. (But I’m pretty sure that’s not the point of the thing.)

  • Experimentation

    Anybody who’s been reading this blog for a while knows two things: Every year or so, I try to redesign everything. It always ends up being a ridiculously laborious process and it always ends badly. I guess there’s also 3. I need to get out more. This most recent time, I decided I wanted to […]

  • Week of Lies

    In a two-weeks-late but no less well-intentioned gesture of appreciation to Kurt Vonnegut, I’m stealing an idea for another wildly popular (by me) theme week for this website. In the awesome book Galapagos (which is about natural selection), Vonnegut marked characters who were about to die with an asterisk after their name. Since I don’t […]

  • Me gusta la semana del tema

    The week of porn spam post titles was such an unprecedented success, I think I’ll keep up the theme weeks forever or until I get tired of it. This week is Stuff I Like Week. Or, if like me, you’ve taken one quarter of Spanish 101: La Semana de las cosas que me gusta. Believe […]

  • Deep penetration

    I got a pleasant surprise when I logged in to delete today’s bunch of comment spam. There was a new incoming link to this blog! It’s cool for two reasons: first, because I just got finished writing about my shallow epiphany about the wonders of the internets and hyperlinking and the glorious potential of sharing, […]

  • Turkey Week

    The past couple of weeks have been crazy ridiculous busy, but it feels like being finally over the hump and able to see the horizon. Or something metaphorical like that. Of course, it took more than a few nights with four or five hours of sleep, and being locked in my apartment the whole time […]

  • body { look-like: ass; }

    Much like an invasion of Iraq, redesigning the theme for my website always sounds like a good idea at first. It’s only after hours of horror and a mounting death toll that I realize what a mistake I’ve made. Unlike the current administration, though, I know when to pull out. Insert usual spiel here: it […]

  • Dumb Old Internet

    It looks like moving everything to the new host worked out okay for the most part. It wasn’t painless — as easy as it is to install WordPress on a new site (and it is ridiculously easy), it’s difficult to move the contents to a new site unless it’s exactly the same as your old […]

  • Imminent Downtime

    I decided to change my webhost, so access to the site (and my e-mail) may be spotty until the transition is all sorted out. It’s just as well, because my cold is getting worse and I don’t feel like posting anything anyway. Try to stay strong through the transition! And the reason for changing is […]