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  • What Do You Want?

    (Language warning in the video, in case you’re watching around kids or other sensitive people. But I think it’s warranted). Corey Forrester, a Georgia comedian who sometimes goes by his alternate identity “The Buttercream Dream” says exactly what I’ve been feeling for the past three days (at least), in one tweet, two minutes, and fourteen […]

  • Standing By

    Watching the five-year-long car-wreck as my country acts like an increasingly grotesque parody of itself, until its inevitably tragic conclusion

  • Bespoke Dissidence

    Bespoke Dissidence

    An essay by Gregory Thompson intelligently and compassionately rejects the lie of far-right manufactured victimization.

  • You remember. It’s that thing with the feathers.

    You remember. It’s that thing with the feathers.

    Finally seeing Biden/Harris’s victory confirmed is such an odd feeling. I’d almost forgotten what hope felt like.

  • Fool me once

    Fool me once

    After five years trying to give Trump voters the benefit of the doubt, I think I’m finally done with that nonsense

  • It’s not difficult

    A reminder from Amber Ruffin to stop giving a pass to so-called “casual” racism

  • Civics for Cynics

    How to distinguish between healthy frustration with the political process, and arrogant, selfish, laziness

  • What happens next

    No, we can’t fix everything with one election. But I wish we were hearing more about how to keep this from ever happening again.

  • I’ve seen conservative before, and this ain’t it

    Words should mean things

  • Notes on Being a Decent Human

    Lecturing Americans to show sympathy for Trump is like lecturing someone going through chemotherapy to show sympathy for their tumors.

  • Does He Even Know He’s the Heel?

    Does He Even Know He’s the Heel?

    Looking for voices of reason in the middle of America’s most successful kayfabe administration

  • Little Space Tate

    Little Space Tate

    You can’t spell “Unctuous toadies Giving up any semblance of integrity and Abdicating any responsibility to their students and their country” without UGA!