2023, But Monthly

My year in photos

Today’s the day that everyone on Instagram was posting their year-in-review photos, which typically gets the “oh how nice for you” response that it deserves.

But out of curiosity I started flipping back through the photo album to get an idea of what my own hypothetical version would look like, and I was genuinely surprised. I’d kind of imagined events spread out over the past few years, and I didn’t realize that we’d managed to cram so much stuff into 2023.

This was supposed to be my “gap year,” where I’d wrapped up my last project as best I could, and could take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime chance to just take a year off. Work on personal projects, maybe build up a portfolio, but mainly just relax. So I’d mis-remembered the year as being mostly uneventful, but in fact we’d been lucky to do a ton of stuff. Here’s that stuff in list form!

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Postcards from Bat2

Photos from a pre-COVID trip to Disneyland in February 2020

At the end of February, we took a short weekend trip to Disneyland, unaware that it’d be our last trip before the pandemic. Unsurprisingly, we spent most of the time inside Galaxy’s Edge. It was our first time riding Rise of the Resistance, and we were able to get a boarding pass two days in a row, which was lucky.

I like the idea of sharing travel photos when we’re all stuck inside and separated. Looking forward to being able to travel again safely.

And yes, I did buy a Han Solo vest specifically to go to Star Wars land at Disneyland. Jealous?

Postcards from Batuu

Photos from various trips to Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland (before the pandemic)

I’m still in the process of figuring out how to use WordPress as a Flickr+Facebook+Instagram+Twitter replacement. A previous version of this post with vacation photos got broken while I was removing plugins, so here’s an attempt to re-post.

The key takeaway from these photos is that Galaxy’s Edge is rad, and has everything a middle-aged nerd could possibly want. It’s got spaceships and other vehicles: