Rock Paper Pencil review

A handwritten review of Astropad’s screen protectors for the iPad

To test out the astropad screen protector specially suited for hand writing, I wrote a review using the screen protector and pencil. (Alt text for those who can’t read my handwriting will be appended to the end of this post).

Alt Text:

A brief review of the Rock Paper Pencil Screen Protector by Astropad for iPad mini 6

Includes: One (1) screen protector, Two (2) pencil tips

In Brief:

  • Applies with static cling
  • Ostensibly reusable (haven’t tried yet)
  • Pen tip replaces standard tip
  • Metal tip similar to a ballpoint (but it doesn’t roll)
  • $39.99 from Amazon and the Astropad site


  • Dumb easy to apply
  • Can be removed and re-applied (probably)
  • Surface is very textured and more durable than Paperlike
  • Feels natural when using metal tips
  • Grab Level: High


  • Too much resistance for standard pencil tips
  • Distorts the screen more than Paperlike (sparkles/screen door over fine details)
  • Pretty loud when drawing/writing
  • Procreate feels like drawing with a ballpoint pen instead of a brush
  • Wary of using metal tips w/Paperlike on the other iPad

Verdict: A-

  • GREAT for handwriting and note taking
  • NOT BAD for drawing and painting
  • OKAY for reading or watching videos

Recommended IF:

  • you use your iPad primarily as a notebook or sketch pad
  • you plan to use the Apple Pencil only with iPads that have the RPP screen (or you’ve got the $$$ for multiple pencils)
  • Artists may prefer Paperlike, which feels smoother

Additional note: This review was written in GoodNotes 6