Monday Afternoon’s All Right for Suckin’ on Chili Dogs

Catching up on internetting

Just because I missed last Friday’s link post doesn’t mean I can’t try and catch up on Monday!

Tom McGovern’s reinterpretation of “Jack and Diane” is how the song was meant to be heard.

I like that Hasbro’s making high-concept, detailed toys for Ghostbusters fans, but it seems like an odd choice to recast Peter Venkman with the national disgrace Ted Cruz.

Not that anyone asked, but the reason I was looking at the Hasbro site was because they’ve announced a new toy figure based on the old Star Wars comic character Jaxxon the space rabbit. Nerds tend to take their fandoms way too seriously, and it’s good to remember every once in a while how much of it is inherently silly.

Last month, there was a retrospective of the Zork adventure game, by Aaron Reed as part of his 50 Years of Text Games series. As somebody who’s always loved the history, packaging, and stories surrounding these games — but has never much enjoyed playing the games themselves — I’m looking forward to reading the whole series.