Tuesday Tune Two-Fer: What Could It Mean?

Two tangentially-related tunes every Tuesday! This week: do you have what it takes to unlock the baffling subtext?

Two songs have been running through my head this week. What mysteries could my subconscious be holding?

One is Seu Jorge’s Portuguese cover of “Changes” by David Bowie. If for some reason you haven’t seen The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, or unfamiliar with Jorge’s music for that movie, I really recommend checking it out! I think those covers, along with The Venture Brothers, made me more of a fan of Bowie’s music. (This one and “Life on Mars” I have to say I actually like better than the originals).

The other song is “Found a Job” by Talking Heads, which isn’t one of my favorite of their songs, but it was in Stop Making Sense, which means that it’s permanently embedded in my brain.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tune Two-Fer: What Could It Mean?”

  1. I love his Life on Mars cover. I highly recommend the rerecording of it on his Life Aquatic Studio Sessions.

    I think I was predisposed to like him ever since I saw the City of God 2002 film. I listen to a lot of random Brazilian music and the soundtrack to this movie is one of my favorite albums.

      1. I really like the movie. But I should let you know that it has some brutal scenes.

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