Should Auld Eyebags Be Forgot

I keep getting older and I keep taking pictures of it.

The last of the New Year’s traditions that I forgot about: for the past couple years, I’ve been taking a picture of myself every day and compiling them into a timelapse. I didn’t get every day of 2020, because 2020 was awful and there were a few months I didn’t feel like indulging in something so stupid.

But, like I’ve said elsewhere: time just keeps happening, even after you want it to stop, so it’d be a waste not to watch it happen.

It’s amusing to think that before I shaved my head back in May, I was a little “worried” that it wouldn’t grow back at all, or that it’d grow in solid white like my beard has. (I say “worried” just because I want to try the novelty of being one of those aging hippies with a pony tail or braid at least once in my life. I actually enjoyed being bald, and I’m kind of looking forward to white hair).

Turns out that I didn’t need to worry about that at all; not only has it grown back with a vengeance, I’ve learned that all the money I’ve spent on haircuts over the years was wasted, since my hair in a state of nature just gravitates towards late-1980s Game Show Host.