Postcards from Batuu

Photos from various trips to Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland (before the pandemic)

I’m still in the process of figuring out how to use WordPress as a Flickr+Facebook+Instagram+Twitter replacement. A previous version of this post with vacation photos got broken while I was removing plugins, so here’s an attempt to re-post.

The key takeaway from these photos is that Galaxy’s Edge is rad, and has everything a middle-aged nerd could possibly want. It’s got spaceships and other vehicles:

It’s got good guys and bad guys:

Several (but not enough) droids and creatures:

Oga’s Cantina, which is so full of cool details and music that it’s an attraction in itself (albeit with frustratingly limited capacity).

And possibly best of all, thousands of details and references that make it a masterpiece of immersive theme park environmental design, as much as Anandapur and Harambe in Animal Kingdom.

And I can’t even show the incredible sound design in photos — throughout the land, you can hear spaceships coming and going, creatures making noises in the forest, conversations going on in the background of the marketplace, radio chatter in the garage, and of course the music and conversation blasting from the cantina.

I love Galaxy’s Edge enough to want to propose there, so it’s obvious I’m a fan. It still feels like version 1, though: more performers, more live music, and more themed experiences — not even necessarily full-on rides — would make it feel complete. The idea of translating the energy of Animal Kingdom’s Harambe when a live performance is happening, to the environment of Galaxy’s Edge, seems like it’d be phenomenal.