Straight Flush

My friends made a video game that you should buy.

Poker Night at the Inventory came out last week, but it’s only thanks to the holidays that I was able to finally play it. Considering the caliber of people involved, it’s no surprise that it’s really well done, but you know, I had to be sure.

Let’s all be honest here: it’s a bizarre, tough sell of a concept. But the idea of taking something weird and just running with it is what attracted me to Telltale in the first place. The best aspects of Telltale games have always been the weird sense of humor and the polish of the choreography and camera work. Maybe this’ll be the game that gives people an idea what Telltale games are like, even if they’d normally be scared away from adventure games.

And, dude: five dollars. Plus Team Fortress 2 unlocks.

One thought on “Straight Flush”

  1. This game is absolutely awesome (and I say that as someone who isn’t even that much of a Telltale fan anymore). If you’re reading this and you don’t have it yet, go get it! It’s cheap, it’s funny, and the rules are easy to get (if you’re like me, who had no clue how to play that type of poker until playing the game).
    I’m really glad Telltale has been making small titles like Puzzle Agent and this one. I feel like they’re their best.

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