Doing it Right

I’m only three-to-six years behind in hearing about The Go! Team.

It’s The Go! Team, and they’re loud, English, and awesome. This may be a new record for me: I’ve gone from “never heard of them before” to being a mega-fan in 24 hours.

I heard “samples from 60s and 70s kung fu and blaxploitation movies, horns, cheerleaders, and a pretty hot female rapper” and I was sold. As an extra added bonus, turns out they’re also the ones who did that terrific song from Little Big Planet that I was never able to find [“Get it Together” from Thunder, Lightning, Strike, in case that link goes bust]. So I’ve been a fan for years and didn’t know it.

Also highly recommended: “Milk Crisis” and the PBS-in-the-70s-tinged “My World”. I can’t get enough of this stuff. My favorite by far, though, is “The Wrath of Marcie”, which I’m still hearing even when the video’s not playing:

The word on their website is they’ve got a new album Rolling Blackouts coming out in January (UK)/February (US) 2011.

2 thoughts on “Doing it Right”

  1. Never.

    Especially since anybody born after 1980 or so won’t be able to appreciate what an enormous nostalgia blast this band’s videos are.

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