A Little Horse for a Little Monkey

Pro tip for MST3k fans whose VCRs broke

If you’re like me, and I know I am, you know that “Mystery Science Theater 3000” is the best TV series ever made. But even though you’ve been picking up all the collections from Rhino and now Shout Factory or at least watching them on Netflix, there are tons of episodes you haven’t seen since they were originally broadcast. And you know that the episodes are out there somewhere on the internet, but that involves torrents and checksums and all kinds of other internet stuff that I mean really who needs it.

Turns out that some of the rarer episodes are out there on something that’s like YouTube but isn’t but is also owned by Google and like YouTube, it also shows videos. You can search for “Time of the Apes,” which is one I haven’t seen for over a decade and will likely never be released in one of the official sets because of rights issues. Other semi-rare classics to search for: “Daddy-O,” “Master Ninja I,” and “Fugitive Alien.”

I’m excited because I love MST3k and hate copyright.

One thought on “A Little Horse for a Little Monkey”

  1. You then realize how God-awful those Sandy Frank pastiches are and wait another five years to watch them again. Seriously, I think that watching “Time of the Apes” while on LSD would leave you catatonic, and halfway through watching the “movie” that didn’t seem like a bad idea. Thank God for host segments.

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