The last episode of Sam & Max Season 3 is out now.

I’m told that the last episode of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse is out now for Windows and Mac, tomorrow for the PS3. Telltale’s got a deal where season 3 is twenty bucks and all three seasons is forty.

The last episode is called “The City That Dares Not Sleep”, was written by me, directed by Jake RRODkin, and made by lots and lots of people at Telltale. I haven’t gotten to play it yet (and probably won’t until I get back from Georgia), but I’m looking forward to it. What I saw during recording the DVD commentary looked like they knocked the presentation up several notches.

My favorite joke in the game, assuming it stayed in: look at the TV screen in the arm controls. Or the based-on text. I’m also happy that it managed to cram in references to Space: 1999, The Wrath of Khan, every previous Sam & Max game, R’lyeh, Fantastic Voyage, The Beast Must Die!, William Butler Yeats, two of Steve’s gags from brainstorming, rampant misogyny, and poop jokes. Definitive proof that Roger Ebert was wrong.

3 thoughts on “Pennies?”

  1. Man, that was amazing. Truly the best Sam & Max-game yet. I was(happily) surprised that that pennies-joke wasn’t cut. But yes, this was pretty damn great. That ending-sequence was my favorite scene, although I don’t know if it will make sense to people who haven’t played season 2. I hope Telltale can keep this level of quality up for their future series, and I hope that you’ll find the time to work on some of them!

    Thanks for all the laughs!

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