Questioning my orientation

If you play games on your phone, help me out by answering a poll question.

I’ve noticed something about my own habits playing games on the iPhone, and I wanted to see how common it is, so I set up a poll for it.

The games that get the most play-time on my phone are the ones that support portrait orientation (Drop 7, Words With Friends, Helsing’s Fire, Bejeweled, etc), partly because I can jump in for a quick game while I’m otherwise occupied (read: on the toilet). If a game only supports landscape or plays better in landscape, I treat it more like a “real” game: I only start it up when I’m ready to devote a big chunk of time to it. If you play games on your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone, or whatever, help me out by answering the poll.

(If you feel inclined to explain, feel free to leave a comment too).

2 thoughts on “Questioning my orientation”

  1. It depends whether a landscape screen serves the game better, or not.
    For example, while I’d rather play NFS in landscape mode, Spy Hunter would work best in portrait.

  2. I mostly play Drop 7 and Words with Friends on my iPhone (speaking of the latter…) I don’t use it much for games, but I do find that I’m not much interested in playing landscape games, even though I have a few, and it seems to be entirely due to the phone being more uncomfortable to hold that way.

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