Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo out-Lynches David Lynch and deserves every award it’s won.

sintitulopanel.pngSin Titulo is a free webcomic by Cameron Stewart, and it’s kind of brilliant. It won the Eisner Award for best digital comic at Comic-Con this year, in addition to several other awards since starting in 2007. It’s a little annoying that someone who’s that good an artist could write so well, too.

Then again, it kind of makes sense — what’s most remarkable about Sin Titulo is its pacing, which should be familiar to someone who’s got a career laying out comic panels. But that doesn’t account for how natural the dialogue is. Or some of the unexpected and genuinely creepy turns the story takes. Or how well the mood is conveyed throughout, building up the tension and unease to just above unbearable and then pulling back for a flashback or the relief of a narrow escape.

Okay, I’m jealous.

The only problem now is that I’ve read three years’ worth of content in a few hours, and now I’ve got to wait days or weeks in between story updates. It’s like having to watch Twin Peaks or Mulholland Drive (except you care about what’s happening to the characters), but in interrupted spurts of five minutes.

(Also notice the donate button on the site, since it’s a self-funded comic separate from his commercial work).