Merry Christmas

ChristmasTree.jpgI hope everybody’s having a Merry Christmas, even if you’re not the type who usually celebrates it. As for me: I didn’t get knocked over by any crazy Italian women, I’m about 90% over my seasonal debilitating cold, I’ve only read 1 work-related e-mail in the past 7 days, I’m full of dressing and my mother’s squash casserole, I’m loaded up on presents, and I’ve got a TiVo full of Samantha Brown Christmas specials (Disney and otherwise). I can’t think of how Christmas could get any better.

Let me tell you what I got: an alarm clock radio that hooks up to an iPhone, so I can actually hear it and never be late for anything ever again; a huge hard drive for my home theater PC; the latest MST3K DVD set including Tom Servo; a copy of Up that I won’t be watching any time soon, lest I break down into heaving sobs; and a copy of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which means I might actually finish reading a book this year.

Plus, we got my mother an iMac — the best kind of gift, since it means I get to buy something else from Apple. It’s been so long since I became a Mac zealot user, I forgot just how much is involved in making the switch. The gang at Cupertino are sitting all smug on their $200 share price, I’m sure, but I don’t think anybody at Apple appreciates how much trauma they’re causing new switchers by not including versions of Free Cell and Klondike with OS X. I’ve been unable to find a decent one online, so I had to promise my mom I would write one for her before I go back home. Here’s hoping I’m not all talk.

So Season’s Greetings from Georgia, and I hope everybody has a Happy Week-Leading-Up-To-New-Year.