S & M & XBLA

Buy the game I worked on, won’t you?

In case you missed it: Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space (formerly known just as “Season Two”) is out now on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s 1600 Microsoft points, which equates to:

  • $20 for the entire season of five episodes
  • $4 per episode (or if you prefer, $2 for the first three and $7 for the two at the end that are especially good)
  • 60 cents per Xbox achievement
  • around 1.1 cents per hour of my life spent working on the season
  • around 0.003 cents per newly-white hair on my head and face
  • around 4 cents per joke
  • around $1.25 per really good joke

As a special bonus: for the people without the Xbox 360s, Telltale is currently selling the PC version of Season Two for $19.95, to make things fair.

No, it’s real! This is a thing that is really happening!

And here’s a bunch of clips they used at PAX!