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My recap of “Lost” episode “He’s Our You”.

No offense to William Sanderson, but I think Sawyer was being more than a little bit generous with the comment “He’s Our You.” (This, or at least, last week’s episode of “Lost”).

I’m not sure what my standards are supposed to be for this blog, or if I should even start introducing standards at this point. Do I still have to write something about “Lost” even when I don’t have anything interesting to say? Has that ever stopped me before? Spoilers ahoy!

After all the momentum of last week’s episode, it was a little odd to get an episode that went back to the focus-on-a-single-character-with-flashbacks entry. No matter how good it was. I guess we already knew that Sayid’s superspy work for Ben had been killing off Widmore people, but it still felt as anti-climactic as Sayid made it sound: “That’s it?” But I’ve always wondered what you do after you go on a multinational killing spree, and now I know: retire to the Dominican Republic and build houses. (Now I’m even more curious as to what Jimmy Carter was up to during the 80s….)

I’m already tired of the Jack/Kate/Juliet/Sawyer business and want that to end, preferably in a way that doesn’t kill off Juliet. Because that would really suck.

And I feel like a bad “Lost” fan, but I wasn’t shocked by the ending, nor am I on the edge of my seat with suspense. They’ve said a few times that the rules for time travel in Lostland don’t let you mess up the timestream, so it’s just a matter of explaining how he survives a gunshot wound to the chest. Or actually: not explaining, since Locke’s survived much worse. My overall reaction to the episode was, “Fine, sure, whatever. Let’s keep things moving.”

Also: after seeing some of the making-of documentaries, I wish they’d find some excuse for Naveen Andrews to use his real accent instead of the Sayid-ified one. In case you haven’t heard him talking out of character, he talks kind of like Jason Statham. I can’t remember much of anything about Planet Terror, but I think in The English Patient he was doing the same Sayid accent. I kind of want to see the guy just get a chance to relax and sound a little less, well, fruity. Maybe they can set it up so he’ll die unless he puts jumper cables on his nipples or licks high voltage wires or something, because that would be cool.