Thru You

Kutiman’s YouTube mash-up project “ThruYOU” is simply brilliant.

Thanks to Chris Remo for letting me know about ThruYOU, an online album from Israeli musician Kutiman. He made the project by remixing and resampling YouTube videos; the result reminds me of Emergency Broadcast Network, with more focus on the music than the video.

In case the main site’s down, you can see the videos on Kutiman’s YouTube Channel, or this compilation page compiled by a fan at

It really is phenomenal. It would’ve been impressive enough if even one track had worked, but he somehow managed to compile seven songs without a single dud. And even more impressive, it works as a complete album. My favorite is “Babylon Band”, but I’m embedding the first track, because you really should listen to them in order.

Two of the YouTube comments as of right now are “mindblowing” and “Dear God in Heaven. This is stupendous.” They’re not exaggerating.