Your Eyes are Getting Very, Very Heavy…

I forgot to mention: last week my friend Jake invited me to be a special guest villain on the Idle Thumbs podcast (direct iTunes Store link to the one I’m on), which he runs along with Chris Remo of Gamasutra and Nick Breckon of Shacknews. I’m told that the gang frequently gets together to talk about videogames, so if that’s your thing (and if casual swearing doesn’t drive you into apoplexy), then you should download it onto your audio-listening devices.

Listening to last week’s reminded me how soporific my voice is. I’ve always been vaguely aware that I tend to be “low-key,” but now I think I understand better why it seems like people stop listening to me halfway through one of my monologues. It’s not that they’re not paying attention, it’s that they’re desperately trying to remain conscious. And all these years I’ve struggled with insomnia, and the answer’s been sitting there in my own larynx this whole time.

But back to the podcast: I should make it clear that I’m only talking in one of them! The rest are filled with extreme videogame excitement, I’m told.