Towards a More Specific America

The worst thing about you liberals (if I have to pick just one) is the way you’re commandeering our language. With your political correctness, you appropriate words to suit your own political purpose, instead of just saying what they really mean. What happened to using words as they’re supposed to be used, instead of trying to redefine them? Good, solid, American words: Patriot. Maverick. Eltist. Liberal. Madrassa. Folks. Nuclear. Pakistan.

Now there’s all this hullaballoo about John McCain calling Barack Obama “that one” during the presidential debate. What is with you people, thinking that there was something dismissive or disrespectful about that? McCain was just straight-talking, telling it like it is. There were like a million people in that room, and he had to make sure you knew he was talking about Senator Obama, and not one of the other candidates for President.

This is yet another example of the Democrat party running “the fussiest campaign in American history”. In a moment of national crisis, where the economy is on the minds [sic] of every single person, the liberals are trying to make this a campaign about race.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are focused on one thing and one thing only: making this the most specific presidential race possible.

Instead of tackling the issues, the liberals are taking quotes out of context, mocking people’s religious beliefs, and trying to manipulate language.

The Republican Party is having none of that. No vague fear, no uncertainty, no mistrust; just hard, straight, and brutally specific talk. They’re not campaigning against any Barack Obama, it’s Barack Hussein Obama. That’s the kind of honesty, integrity, and specificity I can believe in.

So what if John McCain called a three-million dollar planetarium projector an “overhead projector.” The man’s 72 years old! He’s still getting used to not calling the TV remote a “clicker” and CDs “tapes.” If you liberals are mocking him for his age, your hearts must be as cold as my icebox. How dishonorable. Everybody knew what he was really saying.

(P.S. Sometimes I look back on stuff I’ve written on this blog and just laugh at how naive I was. “Finally an American presidential race that isn’t racist or sexist!” What a dumb-ass!)