Sine intellectus non

Speaking of TV shows: did anybody else understand what the hell was going on with this week’s “Battlestar Galactica?” (Called “Sine Qua Non.”) It felt to me like what would happen if you took all the components of a BSG episode, fed them into a computer:

  • Stand-off at gun-point
  • Apollo makes speech about making tough choices to survive
  • People see things that aren’t there
  • Character thrown in brig
  • Fist fight
  • Idyllic near-death experience
  • Character in brig paces
  • Political discussions
  • Spaceship does faster-than-light jump
  • Mention Raptors and Vipers
  • Return of bit character from past episode
  • Include Starbuck: yes/no

and then hit the “Randomize” button. Okay, we’re good to go! — wait, we didn’t click the “Lucid” checkbox? Damn, too late. Maybe no one will notice.

I was glad to see (spoiler?) Adama admit he totally loves Roslyn 4-ever, but they could’ve done that in a future episode, just by having the Basestar return and find him there in a raptor, reading her book. That’s all they needed. Apart from that and the little revelation that Cylons can indeed get other Cylons pregnant, this seems like a filler episode that could (and should) be easily forgotten.

But Lucy Lawless is back next week, so that’s promising.