“That’s me. I’m his mother. Word to me.”

Where is that from?!?

At some point in the distant past, there was a commercial, or a TV show, or music video, or something, where a guy ends saying “Word to your mother,” and then his mom comes on and says “That’s me. I’m his mother. Word to me.”

I can’t remember where it’s from, and for some reason it’s driving me nuts. The Googles do nothing.

Is this what Generation X senility is going to look like?

4 thoughts on ““That’s me. I’m his mother. Word to me.””

  1. Try googling or Youtubing Spike Lee nike shoe commercials. I’m even tempted to say it’s in one of the commercials where Spike appears as his character Marrs (or Mars?) but this is all gut reaction–I could be wrong about all of it.

    Gen X senility is going to look exactly like Wikipedia.

  2. It was a Comedy Central commercial for a stand-up marathon they did on Mother’s Day, probably about ten years ago. I remember the commercial mainly for that line – one of the comedians hosting the marathon had his mom co-hosting with him, and the last part of the commercial was the comedian saying “Word… to your mother.” After that, his mom chimes in with the infamous line.

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