Was she a great, big, pregnant person?

This week’s episode of “Lost” was called “Ji Yeon,” and it was about Sun & Jin, which means it’s another chance to get your weep on. (Warning: Every post on here about “Lost” contains spoilers).

It was pretty clear early on that they were doing a Jame Gumb-in-Silence of the Lambs style reveal, in which Jin wasn’t going to meet up with Sun. But all along I was hoping that they were building up to a reveal of two separate future timelines: one in which Sun made it off the island, and one in which Jin made it off (and had remarried). Not to second-guess the writers or anything, but I think that would’ve been a lot more poignant than the simple “Jin’s dead that’s sad the end.”

Which is still pretty sad, but considering how much the writers want to see Sun and Jin miserable, and how much they’ve been pushing time travel this year, it seems like you’d get more mileage out of a story of two lovers separated by time.

On the off-chance anybody from the production staff is doing a Google blog search on the show: You guys have my official permission to pull whatever kind of stunt or contrivance is necessary to give Sun & Jin a happy ending. Time travel, a big Dharma RESET button, the non-Oceanic 6 passengers aren’t really dead but still trapped on the island, even Sun waking up to find it was all just a dream. Whatever it takes to give those guys one break after six years.

Also this episode: we learned the shocking identity of Ben’s man on the boat! The interesting part of the subplot, of course, is what’s causing people on the boat to kill themselves by drowning or whatever it is that could make a huge bloodstain on a wall.

The new information:

  • Something’s causing people on the freighter to commit suicide.
  • Widmore and the people on his freighter think it was Ben who staged the “fake” Oceanic 815 wreckage at the beginning of the season.
  • Assuming Juliet’s figures are correct, the “Oceanic 6” will get off the island within five weeks.
  • Did anybody else notice Sun’s TV was playing that episode of “Xpose” (the late Nikki’s TV series) at the beginning?

And questions:

  • What was making that clanging noise on the boat that Desmond was complaining about? I was assuming at first that it was Morse Code, but then pretty much every person on the boat should’ve been able to understand Morse Code, not just Sayid. If it were a code, was Michael sending it, or someone interesting?
  • How did Hurley get out of the psych ward to visit Sun in Korea? Or was this before he started seeing Charlie’s ghost?
  • Where have I seen that guy who plays the captain before? He looks totally familiar.