The Orchid

LostOrchidStill.jpgAs I mentioned, I was confused for most of last year’s ComicCon, so I missed the “Lost” panel. I wasn’t aware until reading about it on a message board just now, that during that panel they showed another Dharma Initiative orientation film, that was later repeated on ABC’s website.

This one is for station 6, “The Orchid.” And watching it has me more excited about “Lost” than anything since the first orientation film. I’ve already been impressed with the show because of the strength of this season’s episodes, but this just confirms that they’ve still got the same cleverness and attention to detail they did when they first introduced the bunker and the Dharma Initiative. And now they have the freedom to take the story where they want and draw it all towards a conclusion.

In short: I love this series again. Now I’m going to check out the Season 3 DVDs for any special features. You really need to watch the video if you haven’t see it yet.

Edit: As it turns out, the Orchid video is included on the Season 3 set (I’d gotten a copy as a Christmas gift, but hadn’t watched them until today). They’ve also got a thing where the executive producers give definitive answers on some of the questions that have been circulating. There’s nothing earth-shattering there; in pretty much every case, they’re just confirming that the most obvious answer is the “correct” one (e.g., Desmond’s failure to push the button is what caused the 815 crash). It is good that they’re reminding viewers that they haven’t forgotten everything from the first couple of seasons, though.

It’s also good that they thought to include a bit after each “answer” where they interview a bunch of people for their take on the “new info.” Because I just couldn’t rest until I knew how Jimmy Kimmel interpreted the big mysteries of “Lost.” Hopefully the Disney Corporate Synergy department will work its magic on future releases, so I can hear Raven, Miley Cyrus, and the cast of “High School Musical” give their take on the series.