Hooray for stuff I worked on!

I’m starting to regret all that stuff I said earlier about videogames being non-union, because a writer’s strike would be pretty sweet right about now. Not because I have anything in particular to protest, but because it’d be nice to get a little break. Yet another problem with doing exactly what I want to be doing while working for a company I like.

The first episode of Sam & Max season two, “Ice Station Santa” has been released to generally favorable reviews, and it sounds like the audience is liking it pretty much.

Also, a while ago I mentioned that you could get “Abe Lincoln Must Die!” from the first season for free over GameTap; now you can get it for free from Telltale’s site or via Steam, if that’s how you roll. It’s a pretty good indicator of what the games are like, and a good free test to see whether you like old-school point-and-click adventures still.

In unrelated news, the Kim Possible playtest at Epcot that I worked on last year just won a THEA award for Outstanding Achievement, which I hear is the Theme Park industry equivalent of an Oscar. So congratulations to Jonathan and the rest of the team at Imagineering R&D! The playtest was one of the coolest things I’ve seen at a Disney park in over a decade, so I think the award was well-deserved. I’m really looking forward to seeing (and playing) what they do with the technology in the future; there’s so much potential there and I’d like to go through it just as a park guest.

Now, I’m going to spend the next day or so doing stuff completely not Sam & Max-related for a change.