The creature is stirring

Nick and Jake at Telltale have done another great job with the trailers for the Sam & Max games; here’s the one for the first episode of season 2. It’s called “Ice Station Santa,” in case that’s not clear.

The season starts November 8th & 9th, and I’m interested to see what the reaction’s going to be. Much of the first episode was written by Ian Dallas and Jeff Lester, and they came up with a few of my favorite lines of the series so far. Working at the company instead of freelancing has taught me two things: that a ton of work goes into making these episodes, and that I’m a very slow writer. So I’m hoping it all pays off and lives up to the good reaction we got from the first season, because I think the episodes are improving the more we do.

Also, co-publisher GameTap has a promotion running where you can play Episode 4 of the first season, “Abe Lincoln Must Die!”, for free. So if you’ve been curious but not curious enough to pony up the 9 bucks or so (and you’re running Windows), go for it. It’s a great concept (which I can say, because I didn’t come up with it), and it turned out pretty good. My personal favorite gag: try to shoot the President a couple times when you’re alone with him in the office.