“A Triumph of the Human Spirit”

I haven’t been writing on here much lately (apart from tonight), because I’ve been too busy not getting my work done. Since I’m currently failing on the development side of things, maybe I can be of use to my company in marketing and promotion:

Sam & Max Season Two has been announced, and there’s a trailer you can watch and everything. Last season, I was freelancing, so I would just submit some text (late, usually), and then three months later the game would be finished. This season, I’m getting to see it as it goes.

When you’ve got a whole team of people working hard on something, it’s a bad idea to single anybody out. But I’ve got to say that I’m really liking Jared Emerson-Johnson’s music for episode one. The season one soundtrack was excellent, so it’s no surprise, but I’m liking the new stuff even better. And the new opening titles sequence just fills me with glee. With glee!

Now that I think about it, pretty much all the games I’ve worked on have had excellent music, through no fault of my own. Curse of Monkey Island had the best music of the series, Grim Fandango‘s music was perfect, and I think I like SimCity 4‘s music even more than the game itself. But it’s still the “Midtown Cowboys” theme that I’m using as the ringtone on my overpriced phone.