I can has all your base?

Hay guyz does anybody has seen that hilarious Hampster Dance page?!?

Nothing can make you feel like a dinosaur faster than trying to keep up with the internet memes. The people already have a dozen parodies out on the youtubes before I’ve even seen the first one.

Luckily Ape Lad is on top of the situation. His great-grandfather eerily predicted the internets with his “Laugh-Out Loud Cats” comic strip. It’s impressive enough that grandpa was able to predict so many fads with Nostradamus-like accuracy, but even more impressive how quickly Ape Lad is able to dig through the archives and find the relevant one.

Most recent is this strip, which if you’re lucky enough not to get, references this video.

My favorite parody of the moment (already a month old, and based on this):

And my other favorite: (It’s only funny after you’ve seen the original, and watch it at least until 1:30).

This isn’t just a rehash of already-outdated internet memes. THIS IS SPARTA!