The Ending of the New Harry Potter Book

Stay up all night! Disregard your parents! Worship Satan!must be really important to a lot of people, if the parking lot of the Borders in Marin County is any indication! I had figured that since I was working late anyway, I could drop by at midnight tonight and gawk at all the kids.

When I drove by at around 11:30, the parking lot was full, with cars double-parked all up and down the entrances and the aisles of the overflow lot. And there was a line of cars waiting to turn in, coming from both directions. Crazy! You’d never think there’d be all that fuss over something as silly as a book; you’d think it was something important like a new cell phone.

I just hope that they don’t run out of copies before I can get one tomorrow lol!! But seriously, I’m kind of disappointed to miss out on the last big-event release that’s going to actually incorporate excited children instead of the excited man-children of gadgets and videogame consoles. Disappointed sitting here in the comfort of home, anyway — my hesitation and disappointment were completely non-existent when I was driving past the store; I hit the pedal so fast you’d think I was making a run for the snitch.

Hey, speaking of Harry Potter and working late: ever since my familiar has become a latchkey cat, he’s gotten to be a real fat-ass. I never thought they really meant it when they said pets take after their owners, but he’s got enough of a gut to make me suspect that he’s been dipping into my Coke stash. I’m sure it’s more likely that he just spends the whole day with nobody to play with, so he just lounges around watching the window onto the street, or “Cat TV.” And since I haven’t been around, I’ve been guilt-feeding him. Since it’s looking more likely that I won’t make my resolution to lose weight this year, maybe I can put the cat on a diet instead.

And yeah, I’m aware that it’s weird an inappropriate for a 36-year-old man to be blogging about Harry Potter and his cat. I can’t be sitting around having fun when I’m still 2 chapters away from finishing my steamy Hermione/Steve Jobs fan fiction!