The Hits Just Keep On Coming

From the Rifftrax websiteThe whole Rifftrax thing has been accreting coolness like an asteroid belt; eventually I’m just going to have to be redirecting this site to that one.

What’s cool now is they finally got Mary Jo Pehl to do one. She played Mrs. Forrester on “Mystery Science Theater” (and also Jan in the pan from The Brain That Couldn’t Wouldn’t Die, and some other roles). And she’s always cracked me up. A few years ago, a bunch of the ex-MST3K gang wrote essays for a website called Ironminds, and hers were my favorites.

The downside: the movie is Glitter. And no matter how funny the commentary is, there are some movies that are still just too painful to get through. The Wicker Man was a miserable experience, and I’m not even going to bother with Battlefield Earth. But still, I have an obligation as a fan, so into the Netflix queue it goes.

Speaking of fan obligations, there’s the live Rifftrax repeat engagement at the Rafael theater at the end of the month, and I’m all giddy with anticipation already. It is a good time for mockery.