ktla and Sushi

Marry me.I’ve been coming down to LA so often that I think I’ve finally reached an amicable relationship with the city. As a resident of San Francisco, I’m contractually obligated to hate LA, and I still do. But now that I’m not looking for the city to impress me anymore, and I’m just interested in the simpler things, we’ve come to a chilly but civil relationship. As part of our relationship therapy, I’m going to say two things I like about LA:

The KTLA morning show has Michaela Pereira, who was my favorite TechTV host. The multiple-host local morning news show format is about the most vapid thing possible, and I still would never go out of my way to watch this one. But waking up in a strange hotel and being greeted by Pereira makes a foreign city almost tolerable.

And this trip I wised up, instead of wandering around Glendale trying to find a tolerable dinner restaurant. I checked on yelp.com for a recommendation and ended up going to their top-recommended sushi place in Burbank, Sushi Dake. It was every bit as good as the reviews said, a tiny hole in the wall next to an aquarium in a strip mall that had better sushi than any place I’ve ever been. The magic of the internets in action.

So I guess the lesson is to set your sights lower. With this attitude, I could actually get to like Los Angeles.