Week of Lies

A different use of the asterisk, from Breakfast of ChampionsIn a two-weeks-late but no less well-intentioned gesture of appreciation to Kurt Vonnegut, I’m stealing an idea for another wildly popular (by me) theme week for this website.

In the awesome book Galapagos (which is about natural selection), Vonnegut marked characters who were about to die with an asterisk after their name.

Since I don’t (yet) have control over who lives and who dies, I’ve got to make do with advanced web technology. This week I’ve installed a new lie-detector plug-in, which will mark any falsehood I write like so: I am quite pleased with the Bush administration’s policies.

Anyone reading this thing through a feed reader might not be able to see the effect, but if you’re savvy enough to be using advanced technology yourself, I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to have seen through the web of deceit I’ve been spinning for years in my rambles about videogames and comic books and stuff I’ve bought.

For everyone else, though: you’re going to love it.