Sakura to Taiko

from a performance of 'Tsunami' at Zellerbach HallAnother cherry blossom festival, another reminder that there’s a concert from the SF Taiko Dojo at the Kabuki on Saturday, April 21st. And another reminder that they’re always awesome, and everybody should check it out.

The shows at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley for the fall annual festival are usually longer and more spectacular, but here you get to see all the Cherry Blossom wackiness around Japan Center as well.

If you’re not up for a whole concert, or you don’t feel like paying the price for the ticket, the SF Taiko Dojo always has the coolest float in the parade, and it’s free. The parade is the afternoon of April 22nd.

Still, I highly recommend everybody on the planet see at least one taiko concert inside a theater at least once before you die. They’re just tremendous; it can knock the wind out of you.