See more of the internets!

IM IN UR BLOGZ RECOMMENDING UR LINKZThe internets are way way too big for only six links. I waste enjoy at least four hours a day looking at stuff on the computers, I’ve got a lot more stuff to recommend.

Making Light: I got in trouble a while ago for calling this site a hotbed of liberal propaganda. When the country isn’t being run by corrupt morons, the blog has a great mix of general interest stuff and insight into the writing and publishing process. Plus, it’s got some of the most literate comment threads you’ll see on a blog (next to this one, of course — thanks, Cory!)

You Don’t Know Jack: They’ve been running daily DisOrDat games for a while; now they’ve got whole seven-question episodes. Awesome, and topical! The YDKJ series are the best-written videogames ever — any time anybody tries to trot out that nonsense that videogame writing can’t measure up to TV or movies, just show them YDKJ: Movies and that’ll shut ’em up. (My favorite joke in a game, ever, is one of the question titles from the Movies edition: “I Said CHISOLM Trail!”)

Fashion SWAT: isn’t a new discovery; most people who like it at all have already read it and the Comedy Goldmine/Photoshop Phriday. But I’d never seen the Fashion SWAT section until recently, and it’s without exaggeration some of the funniest stuff you’ll find on the internets. I have a hard time believing that it’s as extemporaneous as they make it out to be, because it would just be unfair on a cosmic level if people can come up with sudden-bladder-release-threateningly funny material without preparation.

RiffTrax: I guess this technically doesn’t count, since it’s more of a store than regularly-updated content, but I’ve got to mention it as much as possible. The ex-“MST3k” guys making fun of reasonably current movies, what could be better?

The Comics Curmudgeon: Newspaper comic strips ruthlessly mocked. I never realized how relentlessly depressing “Funky Winkerbean” is.

The Slumbering Lungfish: The blog of Lore Sjöberg, co-creator of the Brunching Shuttlecocks comedy site, author of The Book of Ratings, and now contributor for game reviews and various other projects. If you don’t look at anything else in this post, at least see my favorite “Bad Gods” entry.