Tokyo Drifter

5-Storey PagodaI’d planned to keep the internets updated with the day-to-day progress of my adventures in Tokyo, with pictures and video and all that great stuff. At last, a blog worth reading!

But tonight I’m so very very tired. It’s only 10 PM here and I’m already looking forward to a long, coma-like sleep. What I saw and did today, in list form:

1. Walked around side-streets of Shibuya
2. Took the NHK studio tour (NHK is a Japanese television station)
3. Saw a (really impressive) Taiko performance at some Sri Lankan festival in Yoyogi park
4. Walked around the full circumference of Yoyogi Park
5. Visited the Meiji Shrine
6. Took a couple of pictures of the kids dressed up in Harajuku, before I realized I really didn’t care
7. Visited the Drum Museum in Asakusa (big disappointment)
8. Walked all around the side streets of Asakusa’s temple area
9. Visited the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa (really impressive)
10. Walked around the Senso-ji area at least 4 times, trying to find the tanuki shrine Chingodo-ji
11. Finally realized that I’d been standing right in front of the door to Chingodo-ji four times, but it was closed today
12. Walked to the bridge over the Sumida river, then took the train back to Shibuya

Which, after a couple days walking around a theme park, means that my feet are petitioning to secede from the rest of my body, since the sanctions clearly aren’t working. I’m actually kind of hungry, but can’t walk anywhere for dinner, and can’t afford any of the restaurants in the hotel.

What I should do tomorrow: lie down. What I plan to do: hit Tokyo Disneyland in the morning, then tour the videogame and electronics stores in Akihabara in the afternoon. No telling when I’ll be back to Japan, so I’ve got to get everything in that I can.