Bad-touching the Internets

  • If you missed last Sunday’s “Venture Brothers,” like I did, because DirecTV sucks, and they broke their deal with TiVo to reinvent the wheel and release a buggy-as-hell crippled DVR that you have to use if you want HDTV but it breaks just a few days after you get it and so you have to go without TV until they send you a new one, then don’t worry!

    It’s available on Adult Swim’s “Fix” site but won’t be for long. The episode was called “Showdown at Cremation Creek” and is a 2-parter. Make sure you click the link quick, or you’ll have to watch a promo for “Squidbillies.”

  • has interviews with Grace Park from “Battlestar Galactica” where she answers questions posted on the message board. I know I came down hard on hot geeks earlier, but I get a funny feeling deep down inside when I see her talk about Cylons and how Boomer is not the same character as Sharon.

    Seriously, I get a real kick out of seeing and reading interviews with the “hot” cast members of the show, because they all seem into it. They’re not in denial about whether it’s science fiction or political drama; they’re completely aware of what they’re making and they’re putting their energy into making it work, even if it means having to know the difference between a Viper and a Raider.

  • According to and, John Hodgman is reading from his book The Areas of My Expertise in San Francisco this Thursday.
  • The New York Times Magazine ran a long article about Spore (registration may be required). It doesn’t really cover anything you haven’t heard before if you’ve been following the game, but it does give a little perspective.

    Most interesting to me was the quote from Will Wright: “I’ve had a few people ask me if I think Spore will help teach evolution, and the ironic thing is that, if anything, we’re teaching intelligent design. I’ve seen a few games that relied on evolution — I’ve even designed some of them — and it’s just not as fun.”

  • Check out Dave Grossman’s Pumpkin House of Horrors. No new entry yet for this year, but it’ll help you get in the mood. (For Halloween).