R.I.P. Hank and Dean

The rest of this post is a spoiler for the season 2 premier of The Venture Brothers:

Here’s the ways Hank and Dean have died, in case they went by too fast to catch them all:

  1. Sucked into jet engine.
  2. Giant robot spider attack.
  3. Blown up while smoking cigarettes.
  4. Mutual William Tell experiment.
  5. Decapitated by clothes line.
  6. Attacked by werewolf Dr. Venture.
  7. Playing as Batman (fall from top of Venture Industries).
  8. Giant robot attack.
  9. Running with scissors.
  10. Hit by Skylab.
  11. Gas leak. (The silent killer).
  12. Fall into pit of spikes. (That time Brock and Dr. Venture grew mustaches).
  13. Dr. Venture shorts out sleep pods. (When he had those hair plugs).
  14. Shot by Monarch’s henchmen.

Go Team Venture!