Go Team Venture!

Dr. Girlfriend“The Venture Brothers” is definitely the best show on [adult swim], and if it weren’t for “Lost,” it’d be the best show on TV right now. I got the Season One DVDs when I was down in Georgia, and I’ve finally gotten around to watching the extra features.

The extra features aren’t enough to buy the DVD on their own, but it’s a great touch they went out of their way to include them. (Besides, the episodes are so good I’d’ve bought the set without any extras). There are interviews with the cast of the “live action movie,” and a special making-of segment. I haven’t listened to the commentary tracks yet. The best special feature is the totally bad-ass slipcase art by Bill Sienkiewicz.

The new season starts Sunday, June 25th, and adultswim.com has been running teasers for a sneak preview available online tomorrow (Friday). If you want to get as excited as I am, you can check out Jackson Publick’s blog and this fansite for the show.

It was from one of those blogs I heard about J.G. Thirlwell, who does the music for the show and records under the name “Foetus.” His album Ectopia (recorded as “Steroid Maximus”) is pretty damn cool. A few years ago I got Music for Imaginary Films by Arling & Cameron, and while I liked the concept, the music itself was predictable and dull. Ectopia delivers on the concept and is better in every conceivable way.