Pancakes of Doom

Mmmmmm!I made pancakes from scratch, all by myself. And I’m proud of them way out of proportion to the amount of effort it took. But still, they were damn good.

And when you spend so much time in front of computers, making things that are purely digital (even on productive days), getting up only to have some more prepackaged and preprocessed high fructose corn-syrup laden stuff, there’s something satisfying about starting with flour and ending up with food. Especially if it’s really good food, as I mentioned these were. I even put fresh blueberries in ’em; that’s how dedicated I was to this experience.

“But Chuck,” some of you may be ready to point out. “Didn’t you say, way back when, that one of the main purposes of this whole website thing was to have an outlet so you could avoid yammering on about stuff that’s as mundane as what you had for lunch?” And I’d have to think that some of you are dicks for throwing that back in my face, but I’d also have to begrudgingly admit that you have a point.

But I’ve been looking forward to these for at least two weeks now. I even got all the stuff yesterday in preparation for a big breakfast this morning, but I’ve been stuck on conference calls so I had to wait until 4pm to eat anything, spending the whole time thinking about pancakes.

And more importantly: if I weren’t yammering on about pancakes, then I’d be whining about everything else. Like how I’ve been having fairly consistent nightmares for over a month now, and can only just barely remember details when I wake up. And there’s this vague sense of dread hanging over everything — it feels like something terrible is going to happen, not exactly soon, but it’s coming, and there’s nothing I can really do about it because I don’t know exactly what it is.

So I think next time I’ll use a little bit less salt and more sugar.