I’m staying here alone in a hotel on a business trip, and I’ve finally had one more of those life experiences that I’d never tried before.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing gross or anything; I just ordered room service. Holy crap, that shit’s expensive! It’s one thing when you’re stuck in Glendale and facing the prospect of driving through the already-ridiculous LA traffic made worse by a torrential downpour, just for the sake of eating somewhere in Glendale. But that’s just my excuse for this once.

I can’t imagine living like that all the time — are there really people who do that? And worse, aspire to living like that? I’ll still waste money on goofy hobbies like videogames and comic books and such, but I can at least rationalize that away to saying it’s relatively rare. And it’s not the case where I’m freaked out about it because I have to pay for it; I don’t, but it still just feels wrong blowing that much money on something as stupid as food. (That wasn’t awful, but wasn’t particularly good, either).

Still, I’m in LA and I know that I’m surrounded by people whose goal is to get where they can afford to spend that much on food all the time. It just seems gross. Maybe I’m just not about the bling.

And that should give y’all a sign how interesting this trip has been; I’m sitting alone in a hotel room writing a rambling internet blog post about the distribution of wealth.