I was young and I needed the money

A while ago I was digging through some boxes and found the remainders of my old comic strip. I trot them out whenever anybody gives me half a chance, so some of the people reading this have already seen them. If you do a Google search on “Spectre Collie,” most of the links are to Precambrian web index sites that were linking to my old version of the comic.

But I noticed that they were more yellowed than I remembered, and some of them were water-damaged. I’d scanned in a bunch of them right after I graduated college and started up a website, but all that was lost in one of my computer upgrades. I dug through all my old floppy discs the other night looking for any remnants of the stuff from my old website, but it’s apparently gone for good. (It’s kind of a shame, too — I had 3D models of space billboards and everything.)

So I scanned in some of the remainders of the comic strip and put them back on the internets. And added gratuitous AJAX to the whole thing, just because I could. It’s all right here.

Update: I just noticed that the page only works in Safari, and is non-functional in every other browser. Sweet. So I took out all the complicated hijinx and just made it a normal page. It’s still reading entries dynamically in PHP from an external XML file, so it’s at least a little bit over-engineered.