Good Grief

A friend’s e-mail reminded me that it’s already the 5th of December. I keep thinking of this TV movie where Robert Hays gets a gold watch that can stop time and various hilarious hijinx ensue. If I had it, I think I’d just use it to get caught up on work and reading. Which of course raises no end of philosophical questions — in particular, would the internet continue to function if time had stopped for everyone else?

I’d intended to already have flight reservations for the trip back to GA for Christmas. A helpful travel tip: don’t wait until the second week of December to make flight reservations for Christmas, unless you like spending over $900 on plane tickets. I don’t (and really, can’t), so I had to wrestle travelocity to the ground and threaten to spit in its face and tickle it until it started peeing unless it gave me a cheaper flight. What I ended up with routes through Las Vegas, has me flying out the day before Christmas Eve, and still is over five hundred bucks. I just want to say again how much I hate airlines and flying in general.

But apart from that, how about that Christmas spirit, huh? There’s a chill in the air, the frost is lining the car windows, and the new GAP ads are starting up. TV comedians are already starting in with the seasonal “isn’t it funny how people don’t appreciate that Jews don’t celebrate Christmas?” material, and the ultra-violent and/or scatlogoical Rankin Bass parodies are making their way to the internets.

Since I’m going to be in SF for so long, I wonder if I might actually need to get a tree this year. In a depressing turn of events, Urban Outfitters is no longer selling the pathetic Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The alternative would be something that I’d have to find room for and then, I guess, decorate, and then have it just sit there without presents under it. Maybe I’ll just get into the Christmas Spirit by vacuuming instead. Bah!