I’m Moderately Displeased with LA

Turns out my hotel is a short hike from Universal Studios. I can do without the theme park — I’m assuming it’s pretty much the same as Orlando’s version — but having the City Walk relatively close to the hotel is a nice bonus.

Last time I went to the City Walk was over an E3 weekend, and I ended up seeing Battlefield Earth with some coworkers. So my memories of the place are traumatic at best. But tonight, my flight was delayed two hours, so I didn’t get in until after 10 PM. The place is a lot more subdued at 10 PM on a Tuesday; no crowds to speak of, and the loud, giant TV screen was playing Alison Krauss videos instead of that loud hippity-hop music all the kids like. Plus, getting in late meant none of the arriving-in-LA-after-a-six-hour-drive-to-find-sinus-clogging-heat syndrome. Just a short flight into an airport named after Bob Hope, which was playing “Dead Man’s Party” (interesting choice for an airport) and other 80’s songs on the PA system, and a reasonably easy suburban drive to a theme park hotel, all in clear 70-degree weather.

You could even say it’s “pleasant.”

But internet access from the hotel is ten bucks a night. Garrr! Fucking LA!