Cards v0.1

A while ago, Rain was saying that she didn’t have a version of solitaire for the Macintosh I made her buy. So I offered to write one. There are plenty of versions already out there, but I have my reasons. I’ll list them, in fact:

  1. I’ve never seen a freeware one that’s as lightweight and simple as the versions that come free with Windows.
  2. I need practice with Java and still need to learn Mac OS X programming.
  3. I can mess around with the images.
  4. I believe that all game programmers are required by law to have written a version of solitaire or Tetris at one point.
  5. Just felt like it, okay?

So here it is. (That’s a direct link to the zip file). It only runs on Mac OS X, and it’s very simple but still kinda large and slow what with the images and with its being written in Java and all. I think it works; I tested it until I got sick of playing Klondike. One thing: double-clicking on a card or stack of cards will immediately move it to the first location where it fits.

Plans for future improvement, if I ever get around to it:

  • Add FreeCell.
  • Animate the cards moving into place instead of just popping them there.
  • Save the state of the game when you shut down the app.
  • Add Blackjack and maybe Poker.

Also note that the card back images of Vincent D’onofrio and Mark Ruffalo (no, I can’t tell them apart, either) were at the request of my patron.