Onslaught of Boredom

I’ve been okay with the being unemployed so far; in fact, I’ve been taking advantage of it to catch up on my slacking off. Even to the point where I felt like there wasn’t enough time in a day to get all my slacking off done.

But man, today has been stone cold weird dull. “Alias” has been keeping me going, but after staying up until five this morning watching it, I need to take a break. Last night’s cliffhanger had the CIA discovering the secret of the lost Rambaldi manuscript page to reveal a centuries-old portrait of Hilary Swank, the significance of which escapes me. But the breathtaking resolution will have to wait, because I’m starting to get paranoid about which of my neighbors are double-agents. (I’m sure the guy two buildings down who always wears shorts in any weather and is frequently hosing down his garage at 3 AM is either a speed freak or K-Directorate.)

I went up to the Haight to get that Sigur Ros album at Amoeba, and ended up getting a couple of Woody Allen movies (Love and Death and Annie Hall) not because I wanted them as much as because I needed to fill up the bill to justify using a credit card. There was nothing else I wanted; iTunes and amazon have spoiled used record stores for me.

While I was there, I considered getting a mid-life-crisis earring. I had one in college for about a week because I wanted to look like a pirate, but I took it out because I didn’t want to look gay. Now I don’t really want one because I don’t want to look like Ed Bradley. Actually, I took a look in all the jewelry and piercing and clothing and gift stores along Haight, and it all just looked cheap, boring, pointless, or painful. I just can’t get all that excited about jewelry, even with the pirates and 60 Minutes connotations.

Maybe I’ll just start growing a beard again. Does that count as a hobby?