Watch Out, This Ride Swings Wide

Okay, so it wasn’t much of a cliffhanger. I figure that there are probably a lot more trips to LA in my near future, so there’ll be plenty of time to go to Disneyland when it’s not so crowded for the 50th Anniversary, and after Space Mountain re-opens. Plus, it’s not as much fun solo. And also, I slept in until noon.

Turns out the ride on I-5 is just as dull on a full night’s sleep. Just seemed like six hours of wasted time, although I did confirm that Bossa Per Due is a neat album, and the Supersuckers do a great cover of Eastbound and Down.

The subject line was on the back of a tractor trailer. Funny thing it was one of those Covenant truck lines; I think that line is from Proverbs.